Turnover, EUR million

The turnover of the HOK-Elanto Group and the operating profit according to the sector

HOK-Elanto’s operating area

Skilled personnel is our source of pride

The number of personnel, outlets and turnover on 31 December 2019

The largest cooperative store brings services near to you – whenever you want. HOK-Elanto is the largest regional cooperative store of the S Group and one of the most significant employers of the area. It has more than 340 outlets and approximately 6,000 employees. Comprehensive store and restaurant network serves even around the clock. As an owner, you will receive the best benefits from your purchases.

The administration of the Cooperative Society is elected democratically

HOK-Elanto is a Cooperative Society that is owned and governed by its members. Owners choose the administration of the society in an election of representatives every four years.

HOK-Elanto’s Management Group

Veli-Matti Liimatainen

Tuomas Ahola
Director of Communications and Marketing

Maria Hekkala
HR Director

Juha Ilvonen
CFO, administrative director

Lassi Juntunen
Division director

Jyrki Karjalainen
Real Estate Director

Kimmo Nikula
Division director

Henriikka Puolanne
Division Director, Restaurant Division


A total of 60 preventatives and 60 deputy representatives are elected to Council of Representatives of HOK-Elanto. The Council of Representatives decides, for example, the rules of the Cooperative Society, approves the balance sheet of the previous year and decides on the measures it sees fit concerning the profit as well as elects the members of the Supervisory Board and the auditors. Furthermore, the representatives may make initiatives to the Board of Directors of the Cooperative related to the sector.

Supervisory Board

The task of the Supervisory Board is to supervise the administration and operations of the HOK-Elanto, which is managed by the Board of Directors and the CEO. The Supervisory Board confirms the core strategies of the Cooperative and the overall financial objectives, decides on the relevant changes in operations and organisation as well as appoints the CEO and elects the members of the Board of Directors of the Cooperative. HOK-Elanto’s Supervisory Board has 18 members, with two representatives from the personnel. The members are appointed every three years.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors promotes HOK-Elanto’s interests and manages its affairs according to the Cooperatives Act, Cooperative regulations, the Statutes of the Cooperative confirmed by the Supervisory Board and the regulations and decisions issued by the Representatives and Supervisory Board. The Board of Directors is responsible for the success of the business. The Board of Directors decides on the strategies and overall objectives, investments, the annual financial objectives and operational plans as well as manages and supervises the operational business. The HOK-Elanto Board of Directors consists of the CEO and six Board Members, appointed by the Supervisory Council. The Board of Directors are appointed annually.